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The Lamb who was slain is Lord of History

posted 28 Jan 2013, 06:57 by Joshua Monteiro
Outline from last night's sermon on Revelation 4-5
Introduction- the big question of whether there is a story for human history and for my life- is it meaningless or going somewhere?
Setting the scene in the heavenly throne room Ch4. God sits on the throne in the midst of creation (the four living creatures- see Ezekiel 1) and his people represented by 24 elders (See Ex 24). He is worshipped as creator.
The question of meaning 5:1-4. God holds the scroll with his plan for human history on it. But no-one can open it. No one is worthy.
The Lamb who was slain is Lord of history 5:5-9. The Lamb who was slain is worthy to open the scroll not because of superior power (though 7 horns means almighty) but because he was the sacrifice to deal with sins and purchase for God people. These chapters are not strictly in time, but express a divine dilemma. How can God who is perfect and holy, allow a history with so much evil to unfold? How can God not immediately destroy humanity after the fall? The answer is the cross- God knows the Lamb will be slain, and that good will come from evil, and so he allows history to unfold, and has a plan for it.
Therefore we don't need to fear that our lives are meaningless- they are inthe hands of the Lamb who was slain, and every detail has significance.
God's people, the angels, and all creation join in the praise and worship to the Lamb who was slain.