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Revelation Unwrapped

posted 10 Jan 2013, 08:44 by Joshua Monteiro
The Book of Revelation has been a source of fascination for some Christians, and an enigma to be avoided for others. Until Easter, our evening services at tyndale will be working through the Book of Revelation. Last Sunday we started in chapter 1 and saw the 7 keys that help unlock the book for us. Key 1 is that the book is prophecy (vv1-3), a message from God. Key 2 is that Revelation is a letter (vv4-6) written to real people (see chapters 2-3) who would have been able to understand it and find its message helpful to them. Key 3 (v7) is that Revelation uses the Old Testament- the code in Revelation is a simple Bible code open to anyone who knows the rest of the Bible well. Key 4 is that Revelation is symbolic. Objects like lampstands stand for something we know- local churches. Numbers also have meanings, so the number 7 is God's number, perfection or completion. Key 5 is to let the imagery impact us in our imaginations and emotions. Key 6 is that Revelation deals with what is now and what is yet to come v19. And the seventh and most important key is that Jesu is the centre and Lord throughout the book of Revelation. I hope that whets your appetite for digging into this interesting book, and hearing God's relevant message to us today. Pastor Josh