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Revelation 8-9

posted 27 Feb 2013, 10:41 by Joshua Monteiro

The trumpet calls through history

Struggling to pray- is this getting through? Is this having an effect?

8:1-5 The prayers get through and are used by God to powerful effect through history. All that follows to end of Ch 11 is in answer to the prayer “Let your kingdom come.”

8:6-13 The first four trumpets go back to the fall and through human history. Ecological damage.

Trumpet 1 1/3 Earth Damaged

Trumpet 2 1/3 Sea Damaged

Trumpet 3 1/3 Fresh Water Damaged

Trumpet 4 1/3 Sky Damaged

God calls out to people that the world is not right, and that people need to turn to their king.

Trumpet 5 (9:1-12) Demonic oppression- it affects only those who are not Christians so it can’t be talking about earthly weapons. The locusts (See Joel 1) afflict non-Christians until the harvest (five months until the harvest).

Trumpet 6 (9:13-18) The dreadful power of antichrist. A vast demonic army. Kills many. Just before Christ returns. The last wake up call- see what rebelling against God leads to.

End  result 9:19-20 None of these wake up calls are enough, and people do not repent of their rebellion, idolatry, murder, theft and sexual immorality. Something else will be needed if people are to be saved. Chapters 10 and 11 suggest that the witnessing church is the ultimate way God grows his kingdom.