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Revelation 6-7

posted 26 Feb 2013, 11:28 by Joshua Monteiro   [ updated 26 Feb 2013, 11:28 ]
After a number of requests, I'll be posting up outlines from the last four revelation sermons.

Revelation 6-7 The Security of the Saints amidst Suffering

The Lamb who was slain is the Lord of history (Rev 5), breaking the seals that allow history to unfold.

Four horsemen of the apocalypse (active from the fall)- see Zechariah 1:8-15 for background

Seal 1 1st Horseman Conquest

Seal 2 2nd Horseman War

Seal 3 3rd Horseman Famine

Seal 4 4th Horseman Death

Jesus, the Lamb who was slain allows history to unfold, with all the suffering that sinful humans cause. But he also restrains evil- death has power over a quarter of the earth.

Seal 5 The martyrs whose number is not yet complete- Christians are not exempt from suffering but have added suffering.

Seal 6 The end of the world. The key question- who can stand?

Rewind to the start of history in Chapter 7. The Lamb who was slain allows a history of suffering because he has sealed and will save people for himself. 144,000 is symbolic of a vast multitude of God’s people. (12 is for God’s people 12X12X1000). Then at the end of chapter 7, the 144,000 all make it to heaven- the vast multitude no one can count from all nations and languages. This is why the Lamb was slain.