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Revelation 19-20 The Last Battle

posted 25 Mar 2013, 05:57 by Joshua Monteiro
We come to the final defeat of evil in these chapters.
1) 19:1-10 Rejoicing over the the defeat of Babylon. Babylon is the prostitute, symbolising Satan's third sidekick, the seduction of worldly comfort and success. She has been defeated. And so now the wedding fo the Lamb to his purified bride can happen.
2) 19:11-21 Jesus as the commander of the Lord's Army. He is a great warrior who will defeat evil by his own word and might. Not weak to defeat evil, but powerful. He will set us free from evil within and without, by destroying the forces of evil.
3) 20:1-10 The disputed issue of the Millennium. 2 options. a) Premillennialism. Jesus returns to defeat evil, and then reigns with his resurrected people for a thousand years with Satan chained, before Satan is released and gather together the sinful people from around the world (Gog and magog from Ezekiel 38-39) for a last last  battle. b) Amillennialism. The millennium is a symbol of the church age. Since Jesus coming and victory on the cross, Satan has been bound and the gospel has gone out. Christians who die rule with Christ in heaven. vv7-10 are a replay of the last battle focused on Satan and his antichrist figure.
The important thing is to notice what they have in common. Jesus is coming back suddenly. He will defeat evil by his own might. We will reign with him. And  if when Jesus comes back we held the wrong view on the Millennium- I don't think we'll worry too much about it.
4) 20:11-15 The judgement of the world. Every person will be there. Either we rely on our book of deeds, or we rely on the Lamb's book, and have our names written in his book of life.