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Revelation 14

posted 4 Mar 2013, 00:31 by Joshua Monteiro
Final Destination
At the end of Revelation 14, we reach VE day in the cosmic battle between good and evil. There are two harvests of the earth. The first by Jesus is of his righteous saints, and their fate is shown in vv1-5. The second, by an angel, is the harvest of the unrighteous (those who reject Jesus and join Satan's rebellion), and their fate is shown in vv6-11. The imagery of the winepress is drawn from Isaiah 63
vv1-5 The joy of the redeemed. Here with Jesus at last, there is no complaining about hardship in the battle, but a roaring song of praise from the redeemed. 144,000 is symbolic of God's people, who are "virgins" who havenot "committed adultery" with false religion but are faithfully awaiting the bridegroom, Christ.
vv6-12 The suffering of the rebels. A difficult truth- but difficult truths are a chance to have our minds transformed by Jesus. All those who reject Jesus bear the mark of the beast. They suffer in hell- drink the cup of God's fury and burned with sulphur. Imagery- but pointing to a terrible truth. God's anger is personal and real against sinners who reduse to repent. Cup of God's fury- the cup Jesus drinks on the cross (see prayer in gethsemane). Hell is not God's version of American Rendition- a dirty secret- the presence of the holy angels and the Lamb.
Hell is a truth to be endured by saints v12 not rejoiced in.
But 4 helpful truths from hell
1) See how terrible our own sin is more clearly- this is what the Judge of the World thinks it deserves.
2) See what we have been redeemed from more clearly
3) See what Christ endured for us on the cross more clearly
4) Do not envy the apparent success of the ungodly, but pity them pray for them, and seek to share gospel with them.