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Revelation 12-13

posted 1 Mar 2013, 08:46 by Joshua Monteiro

Revelation 12-13 Cosmic warfare

There is a battle between good and evil being waged through human history. Rev 12 gives us D Day, the decisive battle where good wins. Rev 14 gives us VE day, the total victory. And Rev 13 gives us the reality of warfare living between those days.

Rev 12 Two signs from fall to Christ. 1st) A pregnant lady, standing for God’s people (See Joseph’s dream of stars, moon and sun), who from Gen 3:15 onwards were always looking for a saviour who would defeat evil. 2nd) A dragon (a serpent grown large), with great cunning, power, and ruling the world.

The child comes (v5), identified as the messiah (see Psalm 2) and then is taken safely to heaven. Changes everything. Satan thrown down from heaven v6 by the blood of the lamb v11.

Satan now pursues the church, but will not overcome it. So he wars against individual Christians.

Weapons for good. (12:11)

                1) Blood of Lamb- when guilt stops us approach God for help, remember the forgiveness won by Jesus

                2) Word of their testimony- talk about Jesus is how the kingdom grows

                3) Not loving their life in this world- we can stand up for truth even if it costs us, because we know we will win beyond death.

Satan’s weapons for evil (Ch13)

1)      Beast from the sea- political/military power (see Daniel 7)

        Rules the earth, worshipped, blasphemous (claims allegiance that belongs to God). Wages war against and kills Christians. So don’t be surprised that political powers oppress Christians- that is the norm through history. Our weapon in response- patient endurance

2)      Beast from the earth- false religion/ ideology (see Daniel 3 and 6)

        Looks like a lamb (2 horns) but speaks for Satan. Linked to the first beats- together false religion and state power can really persecute the church- Roman Emperor worship, Islam, Medieval Catholicism, Communism. Has power to demand allegiance to Beast if want to be involved in economy- 666 is man’s number- falling short of God/ perfection (7) again and again. Christians should  expect an economic cost for following Jesus.