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Revelation 10-11

posted 28 Feb 2013, 02:27 by Joshua Monteiro

The church as God’s witnesses

We struggle to do evangelism. Here is some help from God, so that we are part of the answer to our prayers- Let your kingdom come.

Rev 10 Evangelism help from an angel

1) We don’t need to know everything- little scroll of gospel not large scroll of God’s complete plans.

2) The end is coming without delay- don’t get comfortable, do share the gospel.

3) Eat the word, enjoy the sweetness of the gospel, and then speak the word (even if it is a sour thing for us).

Rev 11 the witnessing church

 In vv1-2 there is a new Temple (see Ezekiel 40 onwards)- with the inner courts full of worshippers meeting with God. The outer courts (also called the holy city) gets trampled by non-Christians. Bodies attacked, but connection with God unbroken.

vv3-4 The witnessing church is active in making Christ known- symbolically the two witnesses. Zechariah 4 suggests they are king and priest, and note Rev 1:6 so two witnesses are the active church.

Vv5-6 Like Elijah and Moses, (and also see Jeremiah 5:14) the witnessing church (not necessarily individual Christians) will be kept safe until the very last days, when its ministry is complete.

Vv7-13 The very last days of the sixth trumpet- Antichrist seems to win and defeat the active witnessing church. The great city (Egypt/ Sodom/ Jerusalem/ Babylon) is humanity opposed to God, and all humanity that is not saved is united in rejoicing over the death of the church.

But then like Pentecost the church will arise again, Jesus will come back and God’s people will be called up to heaven, and the end of the world (great earthquake) will be brought about.

Vv14-end then show that the “kingdom of the world has become the kingdom of our God”, the prayer has been answered, and there are many people who have been saved by God’s trumpet calls and church.