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May Jesus be at the centre of your life and Christmas

posted 4 Dec 2013, 06:15 by Joshua Monteiro

Do you know the song ‘Jesus, be the centre’? In that song we sing ‘Jesus, be the centre, be my source, be my light, be my hope, be my song, be my vision, be my path, be my guide…’ And the chorus follows on from these desires, as we sing:



‘Be the fire in my heart,

be the wind in these sails,

be the reason that I live,

Jesus, Jesus.’


As I begin to think about Christmas I was dwelling on that one line in the chorus, ‘be the reason that I live’. Although I think that I understand the sentiment of the songwriter, I find that phrase a little too weak. We do not just express the desire that Jesus is the reason we live, no, He is the reason that I live!


  • It is because of Him that believers truly live as through Him we have come to God and have received spiritual life from God. We are in Him and He is in us. We know what it is to have life in abundance.


  • It is because of Him that every barrier between God and believers has been removed. It is because of Him that God will remember our sin no more. It is because of Him that we are clean and have peace with God.



  • It is because of Him that believers have hope for the future. It is because of Him that we can cast all our cares upon Him. It is because of Him that we have eternal life.


My prayer for all who read this article is that Jesus will be at the centre of their Christmas and that others will notice that this is so. How can we show that Jesus is the reason that we live?


  • By how we spent our money – is our Christmas just about food, drink, decorations and presents or are we mindful of Jesus’ priorities and desires? This is not to say that we need to be Mr. Scrooge, on the contrary. We can be generous to our family and friends, yet also being mindful to those in the world whose basic needs are not being met.


  • By how we spent our time – it is great to spend time with loved ones and this is not to stop you from doing that. But what about giving some time to those who are on their own. What about spending time in worshipping Jesus, the very reason of the season?


  • By how we talk about Christmas to others – it is so easy for believers to talk along with the people in the world, people often stressed out simply because Christmas is near. Often Christians are rushing just as much as anyone else, our shopping and to do lists are just as long and we are just as worried about getting ready for Christmas? It would be good if there was something in the way we approach and talk about Christmas that would make people think about what Christmas is all about. Perhaps you could think about an appropriate answer to that seasonal question, ‘are you ready for Christmas?’


So here it goes: Are you ready for Christmas?


Pastor Bert