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Galatians series after Easter

posted 26 Mar 2013, 02:48 by Joshua Monteiro   [ updated 26 Mar 2013, 02:48 ]

Galatians starts with a shocking declaration by Paul- there are people out there who say they are teaching the good news of Jesus, but whose message is not the true gospel at all. In an age where the temptation is to avoid conflict, and accept that “we’re all Christians”, Galatians reminds us that true Christianity flows from the true Gospel. Guarding that true Gospel is so important that Paul is willing to publically disagree with the apostle Peter, and to declare the false teachers in Galatia “eternally condemned”.

But what is the true Gospel Paul is defending? The message of the letter to the Galatians was one that Martin Luther rediscovered at the Reformation: we are saved by faith in God’s gracious promises, not by our attempts to be good enough for God. This Gospel is what we will be looking at between Easter and Pentecost.
As we look at the gospel message, and how to enjoy the freedom of the gospel, this series will be helpeful to those exploring the Christian message and to Christians alike.